We are conveiently located on the South West corner of Shaw Ave and Clovis Ave, in Clovis. In the North side of the parking lot, between McDonald's and El Pollo Loco. In front of Planet Fitness.



Buying our fireworks assortments is a great way to save! Giving you more bang for your buck and a better assortment of fireworks to enjoy.


Our fountains display the brightest colors and shapes several feet in the air with whistling and crackling sounds while your audience looks on in awe. We have everything from small sparkling fountains to large fireworks fountains producing a festival of lights and sounds.

Grand Finales

Our grand finale selection includes 500-gram fireworks fountains packed with the most pyrotechnic composite (500 grams) allowable by Federal law!

Add Ons

These smaller items are perfect for all ages and are a great start to your fireworks celebrations or when you don't have the time or space for larger fireworks. Add Ons include children's favorites like tanks, snakes, sparklers, spinners, smoke balls and more!